Outsource your Email marketing with WinPro outstaffing team

Right from the WinPro’s Kyiv office, leading Ukrainian email marketers will make your business communication top-notch

Why outsource email marketing services with WinPro?

We trust only professional email marketers

You reduce expenses by leaving hiring and staffing to us

We ensure safety of your business data

WinPro will provide you with complex Email marketing outsource

Electronic mail marketing is a powerful communication tool for promoting your product among potential and current clients. Sent directly, emails are triggers of new purchases and subscriptions. Instaffing email specialists is easy, fast & cheap – all the communication’s carried out over the internet which saves time and money, and makes the whole process transparent and trackable.

Building email marketing strategy (newsletters, triggers, etc)

WinPro makes your links with customers closer by finding the most suitable marketing strategy for your business communication with them. Our staff will help you compose newsletters to deliver the information about the novelties you company works so hard on. We will also design trigger-emails to tie the product you have with the customer interested in it.

Your website integration with email marketing tools

You need to integrate email marketing tools with the website: by doing so you will ensure the company has all the information about your clients – it’ll be collected by the website, which will optimize your emails, targeting literary each letter at a particular customer segment, at a particular time.

Creating unique design for your email

The best way to make your business emails stronger is to style them according to your needs. Written text does half the work, design – another half. With the specialists outstaffed by WinPro, design of your emails can always do more, catching customers’ attention and simplifying shopping.

Building subscribers lists

You could have a pretty big list of customers who would get your promo emails, but in order to grow the business, you shall always increase the numbers. WinPro staff knows the way. Insourced from us, email marketing services will help build a strategy to encourage more people to visit your site and eventually buy the product.
More subscribers you have, more purchases will come.

Managing, segmentation and analyzing of your subscribers

Any successful message is based on knowledge about the receiver. Age, gender, nationality, marital status, preferences – everything may be useful for building a perfect offer. Hence analyzing your customer is one of the first steps to understand how to address your potential clients.


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