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We recruit high-skilled IT and marketing professionals, allocate to our office and let them work on your global goals.

With our help you will hire best IT and sales professionals to develop your projects. We will allocate your staff to our office and let it reach your business goals.

We work only with high professional engineers

You can reduce expenses for hiring and training of personnel

We guarantee security of your business data

WinPro outsourced marketing services

     By handing WinPro the process of contracting people for your company, you are saving more than four times as much as you would pay in Europe or the United States for the personnel of the same qualification.

      At the same time, you get white label products and services with all the copyrights belonged to you or your company. There’s no need to pay for employee training programs or to rent a big office for allocating all your staff. Thus, you save both time and money.

SEM/SEA/PPC outsourcing

SEM, SEA and PPC specialists help to implement the best internet advertising models to increase the visibility of your product online and attract more traffic to your website by daily paid promotions. By outstaffing the professionals of this area through outsourcing company WinPro, you surely save from $4,000 up to $7,700 per month on the provided services.

SEO outsourcing

Webmasters who know how to make your website to be visible and to attract more people organically by polishing the language, shape and form it communicates with the customers. Outsource SEO projects through best outsourcing firm WinPro and save money – from $4,200 to $6,000 every month – and time you would spend on arranging favorable work environment for directly hired staff.

E-mail marketing outsourcing

The e-mail marketers will design and adopt a strategy to keep your potential and current clients thrilled about your new offers. They will help to build loyalty and brand awareness by sending well-composed, thought-out business e-mails. To save $4,200 to $6,200 on the cost of their services, go and outstaff with outsourcing firm WinPro.

Affiliate marketing outsourcing

It’s a performance-based partnership with advertisers or affiliates who are paid only according to the results – new visitors, subscribers or customers. If you outsource affiliates’ services, you economize from $4,200 to $7,200 per month.

SMM outsourcing

Social media managers will find the way to share your amazing product on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social networks. The professionals from this field can convert your social media traffic into clicks and views. An SMM specialist hired by WinPro will be a valuable asset to the company bringing your brand to the next level by outsourcing successful short- and long-term projects of high quality. Outsource SMM services and save up to $5,200 every single month.

Web analytics outsourcing

Big data drives the world – more stats you have, more you can optimize. Outstaff web analysts and have all the information about your online performances and customer base collected and delivered. Presented data will help to understand both client business problems and solution approaches. Hiring these professionals for your own office, you’ll be forced to pay up to $7,000. In turn, outsourcing, you’ll save approximately $4000-$5500 on a monthly basis.

Content marketing outsourcing

Sales people from this area are focused on finding your target audience and creating, distributing content specifically for it – targeted content is their main tool to bring more people your product is designed for. These may be feature stories or shows instead of traditional ads or commercials that are spread in the media. In the United States or Europe, you will be forced to pay about $5,500 to such a marketer. At the same time, when outsourcing projects with WinPro, you hire a worker with the same level of qualification but for roughly $600 per month.

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