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Outstaff tech specialists with WinPro and have your IT projects of any difficulty done and polished
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For most IT-related tasks there’s no need in a workforce – you can simply outsource software.
And the WinPro outstaffing team is here to help to do it fast and smart. We find the best IT professionals, true tech-savvies to develop the product you want. Placed in our office, the best engineers are ready to turn your ideas into reality right now – with no delay.

The reasons to outsource your IT projects with the WinPro team:

Our employee base consists only of high-skilled engineers

You save the money you would spend on hiring process and personnel trainings

Your business data safety is one hundred-percent guaranteed

WinPro outsourced IT services

The cost of outsourcing is lower than in-house production. Thus, highly profitable firms are likely to use more outsourcing. Substituting in-house production with the buying-in of software components or entire white-labeled IT products from Ukrainian engineers, you save at least 30-50 percent onlabor cost. Besides, outsourcing frees your organization from investments in infrastructure and technology.

Website and e-store development outsourcing

Nowadays, the location where you outstaff IT services is absolutely irrelevant. Moreover, the time zone advantage turns to be a huge benefit in some cases. Outstaffing with WinPro is not only more profitable but way faster. At the same time, the quality of outsourced tech products is our top priority – Ukrainian engineers are the successful combination of both excellent technical education and professionalism.

Various content management systems help support the creation and modification of digital content using a very simple interface to abstract away low-level details – unless required. They usually support multiple users working in a collaborative environment.

Programmers recruited and outstaffed by WinPro develop top-notch websites for any purposes, using and outsourcing software done on different CMS, including:








Back-end development outsourcing

A programming code stays behind any type of internet project. Back-end, in its turn, works with the server-side of any code: storages, algorithms and databases. When you buy concert tickets, you usually open a website or mobile app and interact with the front-end. Once you type in the data about your name and choose a concert date, the application will store the information in a database created on a server – it’s a back-end work.

If you can't do back-end in-house or simply need to complete short-term projects, better to outsource this work from professionals. An obvious advantage of outsourcing is cost savings – with WinPro it is on average $8,000, comparing with outsourcing from the Middle East, Europe or the U.S. But apart from this, it puts you back on the rails – letting you come back to the core functions of your business. WinPro cooperates with the best software developers, including specialists who work with:





Front-end​ ​development outsourcing

Front-end is in charge of operation of an interface you see – it implements visual side of any project. It includes a user interface, the system that allows interaction between you and your website: allocating and programming text input fields, checkboxes, slider tracks, buttons, popups and many other graphical things.

The goal of the front-end development is to produce an interface, which makes it easy, efficient, and enjoyable to interact with a site or an app.

Outsourcing with WinPro IT services related to the front-end development, a company saves at least $4,000 per month.

Avoiding outsourcing of front-end IT services when your business is growing can hold you back. By outsourcing IT in several key areas, you can save time, boost your personal productivity and help your business flourish. The WinPro team offers to connect you with the professionals who excel at:





UX and design outsourcing

User experience designers embody your ideas into real projects, prioritizing your wishes and finding solutions to the company’s business goals. The UX and design professionals will make the first mockups and task lists, which then will be passed on to developers to bring your ideas to life.

Outsourcing your designing project to WinPro guaranties you up to 60-70 percent savings on cost of your projects. And the speed slash efficiency in receiving your designs will be very impressive: WinPro will find for you and allocate in its office the most skillful specialists from the fields of:

Information architecture

Responsive web design

UX/UI services and reviews

Project management

IT project managers do a lot – they initiate, plan, control and finish up the work on one or many separate technical projects, including designing a website or smartphone application. You set the bar and they undertake for meeting unique goals and objectives to bring you the most precious thing one can have – the result.

Recruited by WinPro, IT managers will track projects and keep you posted on their progress, including reporting on possible bugs and issues your employees may face. Such managers can make teamwork in your company really efficient. WinPro outstaff managers who specialize in:





Mobile apps development

Nowadays, roughly 80 percent of all traffic goes via mobile apps. WinPro possesses an impressive base of developers who can create software for applications compatible with any modern device.

Outsourcing software with WinPro, you not just save up over $5,000 monthly, but also gain access to a wide range of IT professionals, including those who develop apps for:

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