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We find, interview and hire highly qualified and experienced IT staff in our office but who work for you, on your project.

Why outsource Website development with WinPro?

We only work with the most qualified and professional developers

By hiring through us, you’ll reduce overhead incurred with hiring and training professionals

We ensure that your data remains safe by implementing effective security protocols

Website and Ecommerce development outsourcing

One of the principal reasons for web development outsourcingis because it helps slash costs significantly. Outsourcing website and e-commerce development can reduce your operating expenses by as much as 45%. It also helps businesses focus on their core competencies which yields higher productivity.

Website and portal development services

Getting your website and the backend portal developed to handle and track orders while processing payments can be difficult. Our website and portal development services take the hassle out of getting a new e-commerce website and the backend up and running.

Ecommerce development services

E-commerce website developmentcan be challenging. The development process often requires managinga number of developers who are working in tandem with the design team. But with our experience and highly qualified team, it’s something that we handle easily.

UI/UX and responsive web design services

A well thought of a designed UI/UX can mean the difference between making more sales or losing leads. We have the best UX and UI developers who use best practices and creativity to ensure that your interface is the best in the business.

Online marketing services

Our online marketing services help you get the word out about the business. We market your product or services online which benefits from our extensive network and experience.

We work with different CMSs:


Magento is regarded as being one of the best open source e-commerce platforms. It is the backend of choice for 30% of e-commerce businesses from across the world.


xt:Commerce is an e-commerce solution which integrates payments, products, and security into one platform.


Opencart is an open source e-commercesolution which makes it easier to ensure that your online store is also search engine friendly.


Wordpress is one of the leading open source blogging platforms. Thousands of plugins and widgets hasmade itthee-commerce platform of choice for businesses looking for an easy solution.


An open source, PHP-based content management system. It is supported by a community of over a million members.


An open source content platform which can be used to create applications and websites. It connects with MySQL, MySQLi and PostgresSQL databases to make delivery of content easier and faster.


Gambio is a highly flexible and easy to use shopping cart solution with over 200 features, which is currently being used by 20,000 businesses.


Hybris is a subsidiary of SAP SE; it is a German company which sells enterprises level e-commerce and content management programs.


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